What Homeowners Need To Know About Termites

As a homeowner in South Georgia, you live in the most termite-infested region of the United States. That means you need to know better than anyone the signs of termite activity and how to prevent termite damage. Specifically, the Subterranean Termite.

“Subterranean” means just what it says; termites live underground and seek wood from their invisible dwelling place. In nature termites serve a vital function as they help break down dead trees keeping our forests clear.  The problem arises because we use trees for the wood in our homes, and termites don’t know the difference.

Many homeowners believe their homes are safe because they are built on a concrete slab.  This actually puts the food source closer to the ground, and termites can permeate the slab through cracks, joints, or where plumbing lines run through.  Others believe since they have a brick home they are immune to termite attacks, but the wooden frame of the home is just as inviting to termites.

How To Detect Termites

Because termites live underground they are difficult for a homeowner to detect.  There are a few tell tale signs of termites.  Termites hate light, so they construct mud tunnels up a wall through which they enter the home.  Other signs include discarded transparent white wings that are visible within the home.  Any time these signs appear it is time to call your pest control provider immediately.  Astro can easily stop by to conduct an inspection for you.

How To Prevent Termite Damage

It takes a trained professional to detect and treat termite colonies to prevent what can be extremely expensive damage.  The Sentricon Colony Elimination System® places detection stations underground around the home. Regular inspection detects termite activity before they get to the home and take steps to eliminate the entire colony.  Termidor®  , a  liquid applied around the exterior of the home, is another treatment program that can effectively prevent termite damage.  Ongoing annual inspections by termite control specialists can detect termite activity and notify the homeowner of anything around the home that might provide a food source for termites. (i.e.  Wood piles against or close to an exterior wall, standing water near the home, etc.)

Other Prevention Options

When a home has a crawl space, a technique known as crawl space encapsulation can provide multiple benefits. By placing a waterproof barrier under the home, sealing out moisture often with the help of a dehumidifier, the environment needed for termites to thrive is lessened.  This service can also help keep floors from buckling due to mold and mildew warping the joists, and the air in the  home can be much cleaner.

Watch Out For Some Pitfalls

One of the most important features of complete termite protection is the termite warranty.  In this region, virtually all home lenders require at “termite warranty”.  However, you need to be sure your service provider is substantial enough to cover the damages should any termites get through to your home..  Repairs often run into large sums of money and an inadequate warranty can cause serious financial problems.  At Astro we’ve been protecting against termites since 1969 and have established the best termite warranty in the business. We have the resources to stand behind our warranty.

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