Your Bed Bug Questions Answered!

“Nite, Nite….Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite.” We all heard this as children. These “mythical” creatures were up there with unicorns, leprechauns, and the man in the moon. However, they were, and are, very real. Up until World War II, bedbugs were common, but they were essentially eliminated around that time. However, they’ve made a reappearance in recent years and are becoming a real problem in many areas of the country.

We get more and more questions from our customers. Let’s look at some of the more common questions we receive and the answers.

I thought bedbugs were only found in unclean areas. How did I get them in my home?

Sanitation levels have nothing to do with bedbug infestations. You can bring them home from a hotel room, or a visiting guest could bring them in. Bedbugs are great hitchhikers. Cleaning alone will not effectively cut down on bedbug populations. Successful programs to eliminate them requires detailed knowledge of their biology and the nature of their hiding places.

What do bedbugs look like?

Bedbugs are a light tan color but turn dark reddish-brown once they have fed on blood. Their flattened, round shape often causes bedbugs to be confused with ticks. However, ticks are arachnids and have eight legs whereas bedbugs are insects and have only six legs.

Why are bed bugs so hard to kill?
Bedbugs are small, thin, and they can hide in very narrow almost invisible cracks. There have been cases where bedbugs have developed physiological resistance to certain chemical insecticides. These hiding places can be up to 20 feet away from their sleeping human targets. It takes a trained professional to administer effective treatment in the proper places.

Can bedbug bites cause disease?

No correlation between bed bug bites and diseases have been recorded. The bites consist of red bumps that itch.

What does Astro do to rid my home of bedbugs?

Bedbugs are not impossible to eliminate, but they are difficult. We have a proven treatment program that is effectively fighting back at the resurgence of bedbugs. Our technicians know how to discover even the toughest to find hiding places and make sure your home or business is completely bedbug free.

Does Astro carry any type of guarantee or warranty on bedbug treatment?
Yes. If evidence of bedbugs appears again after our fumigation and interior treatment, we will come back as often as necessary to be sure the problem is totally eliminated.

Astro has always been on the cutting edge of new pest control treatment plans, and the bedbug reappearance is no different than any other challenge that has developed in the past. Because challenges have been successfully met consistently, Astro has grown to be the largest pest control company in the area.  This new outbreak provides another service Astro can add to its already long list of pest control services.