3 Reasons Bugs Are Getting Into Your Home

Do you find yourself constantly wondering why bugs are getting into your house? If so, you’re not alone. As the warmer weather of spring arrives, bugs become more active and often find their way into our homes. But, why is this happening? There are numerous reasons your home is being invaded by unwanted guests, and we’ve put together several of the top reasons to help you understand why insects are getting into your home.

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They’re Attracted to Light
Bugs are drawn to light, and this is often how they get into our homes. Protect your home by making sure you keep your windows and doors shut during the evening hours. It’s also important to make sure your screens are installed correctly and if you have outdoor lighting, switch to yellow bulbs as they are less attractive to bugs.

They’re Looking for Food
One of the main reasons bugs may be getting into your house is because they’re searching for food. This makes it crucial that food is cleaned up and properly disposed of or stored. Be sure to store food in airtight containers, clean up spills immediately, and keep kitchen and pantry areas free of crumbs or other food remnants. (this can be especially attractive to roaches)

They’re Looking for Water
Mosquitos and other pests may set up camp on your property or in your home if they find a reliable source of water. For mosquitos in particular, water provides the perfect environment for them to breed and lay eggs. If you have standing water in or any part of your home, such as a bucket, fountain, or even a wet towel, eliminate the source immediately.

From roaches to mosquitos to ants, no one wants a hoard of insects in their home. By addressing each of these reasons we’ve provided, you’ll make your home and property far less attractive and hospitable to pests. For true peace of mind and a completely bug-free home, contact the experts at Astro Exterminating!