Signs of a Termite Infestation

We live in the most termite-infested area in the country, so protection against termites is a no-brainer! Termites can eat away at your home from the inside out and cause more damage than hurricanes and floods combined! Here are some signs to look for if you think you may have a termite infestation:

  • Discarded Wings – Termites shed their wings soon after flight. Discarded termite wings can resemble fish scales. They are commonly found in spider webs and on areas like windowsills or doorways.
  • Hollow Wood or Small Holes in Drywall or Foundation – If you hear a hollow sound when tapping on wooden structures in your home, you may have a termite infestation. Termites never stop eating and can build tunnels in and throughout your home’s foundation.
  • Squeaky or Warped Floorboards – Termite damage weakens your floorboards and can cause your wood flooring to warp or squeak. If left untreated, the floor and subfloor of your home will become weaker and weaker, leading to costly repairs and replacements.

Astro Exterminating knows how to spot the signs of termite damage before expensive repairs are needed. Call your local Astro office in Valdosta, Tifton, Leesburg, Moultrie, or Douglas to get protected from termites today!