Tips for your Garden

April is National Garden Month. Gardens can add character and personality to the outside of your home. Here are some tips keep your garden pest-free and beautiful.

  1. Some pests, like spiders and ladybugs, can help naturally eliminate harmful pests from your garden. Spiders are a natural predator to many insects like wasps, beetles, mosquitoes and flies. Ladybugs also eat small pests called aphids which can attract ants to your garden.
  2. Birdbaths are mosquito breeding grounds! Standing water in your backyard or bird bath can lead to a huge mosquito problem. Keep your backyard enjoyable by following these tips for keeping mosquitoes out of your yard.
  3. Save your coffee grounds! Spreading coffee grounds in your garden helps keep slugs away. It also attracts earthworms to your garden creating more nutrient-rich soil.

The best way to take care of your garden is by maintaining a well-kept yard. Start by asking about Astro’s lawncare program. We service lawns and yards all over the South Georgia area. Give us a call at any of our locations in Valdosta, Tifton, Fitzgerald and Thomasville.