Astro Exterminating Flea and Tick Control

Our Flea & Tick Control is Safe for Humans and Pets

Astro Exterminating Flea and Tick Control

Pet stores and veterinarian offices are not the only places that experience the challenge of flea and tick infestations. It only takes your pet being outside for a moment to bring them in. Fleas and ticks go beyond being mere annoyances. These pesky critters have the potential to transmit a range of diseases to both humans and pets. Our trained exterminators at Astro are equipped with the expertise to combat these persistent pests. We utilize products that are 100% safe for your two and four-legged family members, ensuring effective flea and tick elimination while preventing any future reinfestation.

Too many times we see the “do it yourself” methods that are not completely effective on fleas and ticks. Trust the local experts at Astro!

Rest assured, we know how to solve the problem. Astro has been at the forefront of assisting households across South Georgia with flea and tick control all across South Georgia for over half a century!

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