Your Termite Questions Answered

Why is termite inspection important?
We live in the heaviest area of termite infestation in the United States. Inspections identify potential “termite conditions” which can be corrected early. Also, if infestation is found, the problems can be eradicated before extensive damage occurs.

What is a “Termite Warranty” and how does it work?
In our part of the country virtually every home must be covered by a termite warranty. There are two main types: “retreat” warranties and “retreat and repair” warranties. Retreat warranties cover retreating the structure at no cost if termites are found. Any damages cause by the infestation are not covered. A retreat and repair warranty covers the retreating of the structure as well as the repair of all damage at no cost to the homeowner. The vast majority of our termite warranties are retreat and repair warranties.

Termites won’t attack a new house, will they?
Unfortunately, they have been known to…sometimes within days of completion. Houses are built directly over soil where termite colonies already exist.

What should I, the homeowner, look for?


  • Damaged wood
  • Dirt termite tunnels
  • Small termite holes in sheet rock
  • Water leaks
  • Swarming termites


  • Water damaged wood around doors, windows and siding
  • Wood in contact with soil such as siding, porches and decks
  • Dirt termite tunnels
  • Water leaks in crawl spaces, roofs, around chimneys, etc.

Are there other wood destroying insects besides termites?
Yes. Besides the most common termite, the Eastern Subterranean, there are drywood termites, Formosan termites, wood borers, and powder post beetles.

What if I sell my house?
One of your realtor’s first questions will be: “Is your home covered by a termite warranty?” Next, “Is it transferable?” This tells a potential buyer that your home has been maintained. In fact, some purchasers will not close without an active warranty. As an Astro customer you will receive a discount on the wood infestation report.

Why should I maintain a warranty?
Payment of the small annual fee can avoid payment of hundreds or even thousands of dollars in future treatment and repair costs. Immediate response to any termite problem is just a phone call away with no additional cost.