Pests to be Thankful For

Insects, bugs, pests. No matter what you call them, they’re probably not something you want to discuss at your Thanksgiving dinner table. Some pests are actually very beneficial in nature and you may want to keep them near your home. Here are 5 “pests” we’re thankful for this holiday season.

  1. Honeybees are expert pollinators and are responsible for some of the foods that may be on your Thanksgiving table like honey and even fruits like apples, cranberries, pumpkins and other squash. “Bee” thankful for the wonderfully hard-working honeybee pollinating more than 130 different fruits and vegetables and being an essential part of the American dinner plate.
  2. Ladybugs aren’t just pretty to look at. These common red bugs help control pests in your garden by eating mites and other insects that can have a devastating impact on your fruits and vegetables.
  3. Praying Mantises feast on mosquitoes and moths – pests that are common nuisances especially in the summer months. These insects aren’t common, but if you see one in your backyard consider it your very own organic exterminator.
  4. Spiders may be a common pest when found inside your home, but these eight-legged friends love to feast on roaches, mosquitoes, flies and moths. They also can benefit crops by keeping disease-carrying insects away. If you see a common spider inside your home, release it to your backyard to help benefit your garden.
  5. Centipedes love to snack on German roaches and even termites. While centipedes may look scary with all those legs, they’re fast enough to catch even the hardest pests to detect.

While these pests may not be welcome at your Thanksgiving table, they are something to be thankful for. The main way to get rid of these common pests on the inside of your home is by eliminating their food source. Pest protection from Astro exterminating carefully eliminates the pests you don’t want from inside your home allowing the good pests to finish the job on the outside.