5 Tips for Keeping Cockroaches Out of Your Home

Among the most common pests we see in the state of Georgia are cockroaches. These irritating house guests love dark, moist, and filthy areas and can even impact your family’s health through the germs and antigens they carry. With spring just around the corner, now is a good time for you to prepare your home to be cockroach free for the rest of the year.

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Here are 5 tips for keeping cockroaches out of your home:

1. Block Access
A good first step to take to keep cockroaches out of your home is sealing off any holes, cracks, or gaps. Roaches aren’t the only pests that will sneak into your home, but few will reproduce and spread as quickly.

2. Keep Surfaces Clean
Cockroaches thrive in filth and are especially drawn to food. This makes it crucial that you keep surfaces in your home clean. You should be especially vigilant in the kitchen with crumbs, spills, and grease (a roach delicacy).

3. Check for Leaks & Moisture
Moisture is another roach-attractant that you don’t want in your home. Check your pipes, faucets, and toilets around the house. If you happen to have a basement, you’ll need to pay extra attention as basements can be roach havens due to moisture buildup.

4. Use Traps and Repellants
These retail solutions can help homeowners quickly take action after seeing roaches in their home. Traps and sprays are effective for smaller roach problems, but keep in mind that moderate to larger infestations are better handled by professionals.

5. Call in a Professional
By far the most effective way to deal with roaches is to call in a professional! The highly-trained professionals at Astro Exterminating Services will help eliminate any cockroaches in your home and keep them out with recurring preventive treatments. We’ll even come out between regularly scheduled visits at no additional cost if necessary!

Don’t wait until cockroaches invade and infest your home before you act. Take the proper precautions by sealing up any possible entry ways, keeping surfaces around the home clean, and eliminating sources of moisture. For a truly bug-free home, call Astro Exterminating and let us do what we do best – exterminate!