Why an Astro Exterminating Termite Warranty is the Best in the Business

All termite warranties are backed by Astro’s promise of protection. We promise to protect your home and stand by our promise. An Astro Termite warranty is like insurance for your home, addressing any termite damage that may threaten the structure of your home. Here are 4 benefits of an Astro termite warranty.

An Astro Exterminators Termite warranty

  1. Annual inspections with any required re-treatment at no extra cost.
  2. Any necessary repairs (seen and hidden) are made at no extra cost. (For Repair Warranties)
  3. Completely transferable upon sale of home at no extra cost.
  4. We’re large enough to back our warranty 100%.

Why You Can Relax With an Astro Exterminating Termite Warranty

We have been protecting homes and businesses since 1969, and we’ve built a reputation for integrity that has resulted in Astro Exterminating becoming the largest termite and pest control company in the area. That reputation for integrity is reason enough to have confidence in our services, but our size and the resulting strength ensures that we are able to stand behind our work and back it with complete repairs should any become necessary. The key words in the list of features above are “at no extra cost.” Your Astro Exterminating Termite Repair Warranty offers complete coverage.

Most of our warranties are Repair Warranties. We offer Re-treatment Warranties which cover all future re-treatments but not repairs in those few cases when initial inspections reveal building conditions beyond our control. And being totally transferable to any home buyers is an added sales feature.

Your Astro Exterminating Termite Warranty is the best in the business. You can rest assured that our treatment is effective to protect your home, and in the unlikely event that termites get through our barrier, you can also rest assured that your problems will be completely and satisfactorily repaired.

To get started with Astro protection, call your local Astro office. We service homes and businesses throughout South Georgia from offices in Valdosta, Tifton, Douglas and Fitzgerald.