Pest-Free Foods For Your Picnic

July is National Picnic Month and nothing ruins a picnic like bugs. Here are some foods to pack in your basket to help prevent pests like ants and spiders from ruining your picnic.

  1. Cinnamon repels mosquitoes. Adding this spice to a dessert or your morning coffee may help keep the swatting away.
  2. Basil leaves repel flies and mosquitoes. Keeping basil in your home is a great way to keep flying pests out of your home.
  3. Onions have a sharp small that scares away many bugs. Placing sliced onion in water can help scare away bugs.
  4. Vanilla Extract can help keep mosquitoes and ants away due to the strong smell.
  5. Vinegar can help prevent bug bites. Dilute some vinegar with water and spray surfaces you’d like to keep bug free.
  6. Cucumbers are a natural ant repellant. Sliced cucumber with the skin on can help ants stay away.
  7. Lemongrass is used in citronella, the most popular material for mosquito repellant.

Nature may offer its own pest repelling techniques for outside your home, but a call to Astro exterminators is the number one way to keep pests from coming inside. Call your local Astro office today!