What You Need To Know About Flea Treatment

What you need to know about flea treatment

Summer is prime flea season in South Georgia. Fleas become more active in the warmer months and thrive in high humidity. These pests can be harmful to your pets and can transmit diseases. Keeping your home protected from fleas can help keep your pets happy this summer and all year-round.

Will Astro Exterminating treat for fleas?

You bet we do! Because fleas can reproduce so fast, are so hard to see and are nearly impossible to eliminate, you need our help to get rid of fleas. Give us a call right away if you suspect a flea infestation.

What should I do to prepare for a flea treatment at my home?

It’s easy. Please have all of your animals treated for fleas by a veterinarian as close to the appointment date as possible. Right before our technician arrives, please vacuum all carpets and make sure to throw away the vacuum bag. Astro Exterminating will take care of the rest!

We love animals so we take the necessary time to keep them safe from any pests in your home. If you’ve got a pest problem, call Astro!