How Does Weather Affect Mosquito Activity?

Mosquitoes are one of summer’s most annoying pests – especially in your backyard. Some weather conditions tend to attract more mosquito activity than others. Here are how some weather conditions affect mosquito activity and breeding in your backyard.

Rain (and sprinkler systems)
The more rain and precipitation, the better environment for mosquito breeding. Puddles and standing water in your backyard make for the perfect place for mosquito breeding grounds. In fact, it only takes a bottle cap full of water for a female mosquito to lay nearly 300 eggs. Mosquitoes can lay eggs and hatch the larva in as little as four days to a month. Keeping your backyard free from standing water is the best way to keep mosquitoes from breeding in your yard.

Heat and Humidity
Mosquitoes thrive in hot and humid temperatures, largely because they are cold-blooded creatures. They cannot regulate their body temperature, so it essentially matches the same as their environment. Mosquitoes are out most when the temperature is above 80 degrees Fahrenheit and at dusk and dawn.
Some mosquitoes hibernate, which is why you don’t see them in cooler temperatures. Mosquito eggs can be laid in the fall and frozen to hatch in the spring when the warmer weather returns, making spring and summer “Mosquito Season.”

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