Keeping Uninvited Guests Out Of Your Holiday

Happy Holidays! It’s time to pull decorations from storage, pick out the perfect tree and cozy up with a cup of holiday cheer! Don’t let uninvited guests turn you into a Grinch! Keep pests out of your holiday décor with these tips!

  1. Check Your Tree!

That fragrant real tree may be hosting some uninvited guests this holiday season. Check your tree before putting it up to make sure that no spiders or other insects have come inside with it. Before bringing your tree inside, give it a good shake. This will not only help shake off dead needles, but will also shake free some lingering pests that may have made your tree their home.

  1. Store Holiday Décor Properly

Holiday decorations should be stored in an airtight plastic container in your garage or attic. Any edible decorations (stringed popcorn, candy canes, etc.) should be thrown out each year as storing these creates a feast for rodents and other pests. Storing decorations properly in an already pest-free area of your home is the best way to ensure your decorations remain free of uninvited guests.

  1. Check for Cracks

Rodents look for small cracks in the surface of your home to seek shelter from cooler temperatures. A mouse can enter your home through a crack the width of a dime! Inspect your home for any small cracks that may help rats and mice seek shelter in your home.

While Astro can’t take away all the stress of the holiday season, we can help make sure you don’t have uninvited guests. Call Astro to schedule pest control treatment for your holiday season! We proudly serve the Valdosta, Tifton, Leesburg, Douglas and Fitzgerald areas!